Teacher and principle education

The background for this project is a big lack of skills among teachers and principles in South Africa. The reasons for this are, for instance, low status and the fact that many teachers have died in AIDS which have lead to the employment of young teachers with no education.

The aim of this project would therefore be to start a process which will raise the competence among teachers and principles and in that way raise the quality in the educational system.

The goals of the project are:

  • to educate 60 teachers during two years= 30 per year
  • to educate 30 principles during two years= 15 per year
  • to considerably enhance the possibilities, for the groups mentioned, to fullfill their tasks in a good way.

This project will move on from the experiences made in the first distance education project. The goal is to work with an additional 20 teachers during the next three years. Together with principles, the four teachers that were involved in the first project , they will form the base for a network in distance education.

This network will be important and work with:

  • educate more teachers
  • adjust courses to distance education
  • be updated in the development in distance education and technique in this field
  • spread the idea about distance education throughout Ugu District

The Municipality of Söderhamn cooperates with Ugu District Municipality and, through them, also with The Departement of Education and Esayidi FET College. This forms a stable setting for future work. The final goal is that the stakeholders in Ugu District will continue this work, supported by CFL in Söderhamn.