TangMa Learning

TangMa Learning is conceived by the sister cities of Malmö (Sweden) and Tangshan (China) as a new programme with the TangMa Project aimed at facilitating education in sustainable development to target groups outside the ingoing programmes of sustainable urban design (SUD) and utilisation of organic waste as a resource for urban renewable energy (OWRE).

With the participation of educators from different sectors, this three-year long programme aims to formulate new methods and to establish new mechanisms to enable activities that will eventually result in the following changes both in Malmö and Tangshan:

  • the civil society and businesses in Malmö and Tangshan raise increaslingly strongdemands on city authorities to create sustainable cities;
  • builders actively engaged in construction works in Malmö and Tangshan Bay Eco-city increasingly understand theis roles, responsibilities and the skills required for sustainable construction.