Sustainable Management of Waste and Energy

In April 2007, a joint agreement on friendly co-operation between the cities Xi´an in China and Umeå in Sweden was signed. The agreement focuses on three areas: Culture, Biotech and Energy and environmental technologies.

Xi’an is the capital city of northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, and the typical features of Xi’an region include relatively high proportion of poor and rural population in comparison to Beijing and Shanghai. It is a region with a growing economic development. Today the basic waste recycling is disordered, and subsequent treatment of the basic waste treatment processes is not good enough.

Taking into account the weakness of the ecological environment in Xi’an and its influence in this region and even China, the sustainable management has to be explored in order to establish a better garbage collection and disposal chain. The city of Umeå has the advanced knowledge and techniques regarding integrated environmental systems, which will help Xi’an to tackle this negative impact on the environment. It will also help Xi’an to improve the life standard of the citizens by gaining more knowledge about methods and techniques.

Expected results:

  • The objectives of the project will be achieved through study visits, open seminars and public exhibitions.
  • The results of the project will be disseminated through each city’s network, through regional media cover and through the public exhibitions.
  • The possibility of future cooperation will be discussed in the end of project.