Region Östergötland and Uasin Gishu, Kenya

Developing cancer health care through institutional collaboration

This project is the result of the inception phase project “Partnership for sustainable and Equitable health: Östergötland and Uasin Gishu”, dnr 2019-0031. The project aims to address the problems associated with unequal cancer care and low institutional capacity. Several causes to the main problem were identified: deficiencies regarding organisational structure, level of public knowledge, care availability and accessibility, limited resources, ethical considerations, political guidance, and more. These causes can be attributed to both individual and societal level. Understanding the health care process, both as imagined and as carried out by personnel and the way patients behave within the system will make visible possible improvements. As the processes in both partner organisations are described, solutions identified and applied in one system might be viable in the other system. These solutions can be used as suggested activities that can be prioritized by the steering group, and selected for implementation. Selected activities influence which competencies from respective organisation are most fit for realising these. Possible examples are clinical training, support to implement organisational change, or informing the public.