Youth project

The cooperation between Höör and Lüderitz has resulted to a one year youth project in the field of culture and leisure.

The project is aimed at increasing and encouraging a range of possible extra curriculum/leisure activities that the youth can engage in and at the same time involve and encourage the youth into different democratic activities which will influence their participation in political activities and systems in the area.

This they hope to achieve through what they call “junior council”; a forum in which the youth will be encouraged a given opportunity to hold different discussions. A lot of study visits and exchange of information between the two municipalities will also help towards achieving the goals.

The overall expected result is that the youth will have more leisure activities and as such reduce their incidences of idleness that can lead to gang activities and at the same time, they will be able to get a voice to represent themselves, in different political and democratic activities within the municipalities. Being a mutually beneficial project, it is hoped that both Höör municipality and Lüderitz will benefit in the process of information exchange.