SIPP – A pragmatic dialogue on Sustainable Integrated Planning Practice

This is a one-year project resulting from the partnership between Väjxö and Tlokwe municipalities. The objective of the project is to develop a Sustainable Integrated Planning Practice within the field of Town Planning.

The activities planned for are geared to address the following areas:

  • High density urban design
  • Urban energy saving
  • Rental housing models
  • Application of GIS technology along with decision-making.

Both Växjö and Tlokwe municipalities are facing challenges within their work of town planning and even if the settings are different the questions at issue are somehow similar. Through an exchange of knowledge the partners hope to inspire each other as well as to give each other new input and new perspectives for the work.

Expected outcomes are, apart from rising the level of competence of the 15 participants, is to make a reciprocal peer review of the work being done by Växjö and Tlokwe City Council within the areas addressed as well as sets of recommendations for improvement for the future work.

The expected outcome of the entire project is that Tlokwe town council as well as Växjö will have gained more knowledge and seen various ways of how to develop a growing city with regards to containment of urban sprawl, energy saving, different models for rental houses and GIS etc.