Växjö and Vushtrri, Kosovo

Project: SEKOS 2, Social Entrepreneurship

The new project – SEKOS 2 – focuses on municipal capacity-building within schools and will be implemented during three years (2018-2020) in cooperation between the City of Växjö and Komuna Vushtrri, Kosovo.

SEKOS 2 turns focus towards social entrepreneurship and young future entrepreneurs. The project builds on a previous ICLD project (ended 2017) that was successful, provided good results and a will to deepen the cooperation. The new project primarily involves school principals and teachers as direct participants while (at least) 100 upper-secondary student take part as indirect participants at local level.

The project consists of totally six international stages with focus on the development of the pedagogical teaching method to strengthen knowledge about social entrepreneurship issues. The new method will be processed by participants and experts at the Linnaeus University and will include a mix of lectures, workshops, case-studies, experiments and study-visits. During the project´s second half, the method will be implemented as a pilot-project at schools in the two municipalities, with continuous analysis, adjustments and improvements. When the project ends, the method will be integrated as permanent part in education at upper-secondary level.

The new project has a clear democracy focus and promotes a business definition with embedded social dimensions. It lies well in line with the ICLD core-values and respects vital concepts such as gender equality, environment and human rights.