Energy Saving Innovations in Urban Housing

The project energy saving innovation in Urban housing will tackle the joint challenges of raising awareness/knowledge, engagement and participation in the perspective equality and democracy and how that can be a driver regarding energy saving actions and sustainable indoor environment in urban housing.

By gathering project implementers linked to this field and relevant stakeholder we aim to improve the capacity and knowledge on an institutional level in both City of Umeå and Chan-Ba Ecological district regarding above mention challenge/problem. This will in the long-term lead to better buildings for the citizens, lower CO2 emissions from the use of buildings and improve the awareness, inclusion and participation of local citizens in energy saving and indoor environment improvements.

Predicted results for City of Umeå and Chan-Ba are knowledge and experience gaining in how a political organization can use methods and tools to involve building occupants in energy savings in new ways and improved building technical knowledge connected to indoor environment. From the international partner view gaining capacity and knowledge regarding energy savings without impairing the indoor environment and to include the citizens in the work for more sustainable buildings and living is a predicted outcome.