Developing a mordern waste management in Voi

Overall Objective:
Building a strategic well planned waste management focused on the specific area “Voi Central Business Area”, will serve as a model for developing the larger scale. By focusing on doing it step by step with great concern of the local possibilities today without forgetting planning for future development, we can see the overall objective as more climate friendly and efficient waste management where garbage also might be a resource.

By involving the civil society in the process, there also an overall objective about strengthening the local democracy for the benefit of all Voi citizens, politicians and municipal staff.

Project Objective:
By september 2014, garbage produced in Voi Central Business Area shall be efficiently collected and handled in a recycled way”.

Expected results:

  • A risen awareness and knowledge about environmental issues and its connection to garbage among politicians, civil servants and specific target groups: local environmental groups, youth group, children in one of the schools and sellers and shop owners in Voi Central Business Area.
  • A strategic plan for waste management focusing on Voi Central Business Area.
  • Three minor sites in the area for garbage also containing recycling possibilities.
  • Efficient handling by the Municipality concerning garbage collection in the specific area.