Awareness III Urban gardening

In Swakopmund there is limited access to locally produced, affordable and nutritious food. This is due to lack of knowledge and possibilities combined with harsh climatic conditions. This affects food security and health status of the citizens.

This project is aiming at having more people in Swakopmund and Malmö to grow and eat their own food.

This will be done by increasing knowledge and skills about sustainable and water-effective gardening. It will also investigate the possibilities to increase access to land for gardening in community gardens, allotment plots etc. and access to water. Urban gardening can be the basis for small scale businesses selling the surplus on markets, cafés, restaurants and bed & breakfast operators.

This project especially in combination with the local sustainable marine food project, with their aim to educate and engage, link closely to the previous ESD and Eco Tourism projects that Malmö and Swakopmund have been working with. Having sustainable local food production and markets affect the tourism in a positive way which will also improve the local economy; tourists can be offered urban garden walks, buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the urban farmers market and eat fresh locally produced fruits and vegetables at the restaurants.