Child Participation in the City of Vienna

With the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as starting point, discussants are invited to use Vienna’s commitment to implement a child and youth strategy to reflect on how to build such a strategy that achieves meaningful child and youth participation.

The Facilitator Guide introduces helpful concepts and tools: Lundy’s Model of Participation and the 9 basic Requirements for Meaningful and Ethical Child Participation.

Learning objectives

At the end of the training session, the participants will:

  • understand that child rights are human rights and how a rights-based approach differs from other approaches;
  • relate the realisation of child rights to the actions and decisions of local decision-makers;
  • identify common barriers and enablers, specifically surrounding practical and ethical issues, when a local government creates the spaces and processes for children to exercise their right to have their opinions listened to and taken into account;
  • be equipped with some tools to support the realisation of children’s rights in their local authority, and more specifically, their right to express their opinions and have those opinions listened to and taken into account; and,
  • start thinking about ways to apply the learnings of this case study to their local authorities.