Waste Not revised

Continuing the partnership between Gaborone and Västerås this is a knowledge and experience exchange project within waste management.

The overall objective is to achieve improved community resilience and a more sustainable environment in Gaborone and in Västerås.

The aim is to:

  • introduce source separation of recyclable waste in a pilot area of approximately 1200 households and three schools in Gaborone;
  • approach new resident groups in Västerås with little experience of source separation;
  • increase public awareness in both cities.

The project will provide the partners with experience regarding project management, residents dialogue, community empowerment, public-private collaboration, and more, thus strengthening the organisations’ capacities to deal with complex challenges in the future. The residents’ awareness of how their behaviours affect local environmental health is expected to increase.

Central for the project implementation are the Västerås public waste management and public housing companies, three schools in the pilot area in Gaborone and one school in Västerås.

After evaluation of the experience exchange and the pilot, the ambition is that source separation of recyclables will be expanded to the rest of Gaborone, forming a foundation for a sustainable resource management where waste is treated as a valuable resource.