Waste Management Development in Langeberg Municipality

The project aims to improve waste management in Langeberg Municipality in terms of their ongoing strategic planning and national goal “Zero Waste by 2020”.

South Municipalities in South Africa face major challenges to provide citizens with an efficient service delivery in areas such as waste management. Langeberg has been selected by the Cape Winelands District Municipality, thanks to its development of waste management. Experience in Langeberg will be used in other municipalities in the district. The project results will also be used in the district’s work on waste.

Specific focus areas of the project are the use, management /communication and technology. Three working groups are formed by participants from Langeberg/Cape Winelands and the municipalities and municipal companies/entities in municipalities in Kalmar County. The project results are expected to be a SWOT analysis and strategic input to a long term strategy for waste management in Langeberg and in the district. Business involvement in the project is important. It is a one year project and expects to be reported in 2010/2011.