Unga Framåt

The project “Youths forward” wants to:

  • increase the knowledge about human rights and strengthen young people to get involved in the democratic process so that their influence and status increase in society
  • build lasting relationships, increase integration between young people from different groups and thus counteract prejudice and racism
  • prevent sexual health problems and drug addiction
  • create opportunities for independence and self-sufficiency and in long-term poverty reduction.

We want to start a youth center in Kimilili, free from drugs, alcohol and violence, for 15-25 year olds. There must also be a “youth clinic” in connection with the youth house. The project goal is to create a creative, safe and social environment for young people in their leisure time and offer young people a place where they can develop social interaction and foster their own creativity and mental development. There is currently a proposed building that could be used as a youth center.