TangMa Training Programme SUD

Tangshan and Malmö share an economic background of reliance on old-style heavy industry, but both are moving towards the future in pursuit of a more sustainable urban fabric.

In Malmö, pioneering sustainability concepts have been tried out in practice, in the transformation of part of the old industrial Western Harbour into housing, business and recreational spaces, with particular attention paid to social and ecological, as well as economic, facets of sustainability. Since then, the mainstreaming of provisions for increased urban sustainability is the guiding star for all development projects undertaken in Malmö.

Tangshan shares Malmö’s ambitions, and has taken her sister city’s achievements as an inspirational backdrop when focusing now on its own grand-scale urban development pilot project: the Caofeidian International Eco-city. In the light of their common interests, the city leaders have agreed that it is time to extend the sister city relations and activities to the practitioners’ level.

Therefore, a series of thematic training sessions are proposed, at which experts from both cities will come together as trainees to take part in seminars, workshops and site visits. These sessions will be held three times per year, alternately in China and in Sweden, within two parallel training programmes that focus on:

  • sustainable urban design;
  • the utilisation of organic waste as a resource for urban renewable energy, respectively.