Sustainable Water Management

Both Vara and Huangshan are countryside municipalities with similar water-related problems such as eutrophication, contamination by pesticide residues and poorly treated wastewater from both households and industries.

The municipalities will therefore conduct a project focusing on different methods and techniques for managing, preserving and creating water of good quality.

The aim of the project is to gain knowledge about methods and techniques that can help solving today’s problems. The aim of the project will be achieved through visits in each municipality, a mutual exhibition and a folder containing both examples of techniques and methods as well as guidelines for preventive work with water:

Examples of expected results are:

  • At least 2% of the local residents will visit the project exhibition
  • At least 2 new guidelines for preventing pollution and contamination of surface water and/or ground water
  • A list of possible areas for future cooperation

In order to broaden the project, local entrepreneurs will also participate. The knowledge that emerges from the project will also be spread through each municipalities network using the produced folder.