YEE2 – Young Entrepreneurs in new Europe

Young Entrepreneurs in New Europe, YEE, is a project form that successfully has been evaluated and improved in the municipality of Ale during a eleven years period. Due to a mixture of participants with different nationalities, a uniquely creative and entrepreneurial environment is created, which contributes to a positive and dynamic process development within the group participants. Together with other educational sites, such as Ale, Kaufungen, Bertinoro, St Petersburg and Gdansk and Cumana, a network is crated which contributes to the local development.

The project participants are strengthened in their entrepreneurial thinking together with their creativity. The particular learning process developed in the education, contributes to openness to a different way of thinking. This concept is crucial when trying to develop new techniques and solutions to stimulate future entrepreneurship. Through the particular group dynamic – with participants from five different countries – cultural meetings create possibilities to establish new contacts, enhance language skills and strengthen the participants’ self-confidence. All in all, the education creates good conditions for creativity and entrepreneurial thinking, together with a useful future network.

A positive outcome when implementing the project is that it leads to an education of local actors. This encourages a continuous work with entrepreneurship and creative thinking, which hopefully leads to a sustainable development of entrepreneurship and strengthen development and progress on the local level.