Women empowerment

This is a one-year project in the field of local democracy and local administration, resulting from the partnership between Gotland and Jhansi municipalities, focusing on the issues of women empowerment. The project is aimed at addressing issues that influence or affect women empowerment in one way or another. These include:

  • Issues of choice
  • Power and influence
  • Ownership of resources
  • Gender roles cast and classes
  • Education

The overall objective of this project is to come up with possible ways of addressing gender inequality. The main activities planned for revolve around capacity building and education; as these will boost morale and self awareness among the women and also give those skills and knowledge that will influence their ability to make informed choices.

It is hoped that from the trainings and capacity building exercises, the participants will become mentors to the entire municipality and in turn all the women living in the area will be reached in one way or another. Other expected results include; increased participation of women in decision making within the local authorities, perceived equality in the society and general improvements in democracy as a whole.