Waste and wastewater management

This is a three-party project with Debica, Poland as the third part.

The cooperation is in the field of municipal technical services and is aimed at addressing waste and waste water management. The project is for two years and the main activities planned for are geared towards addressing:

  • Sewage treatment
  • Drainage
  • Sustainable management of environmental hazards from the sewage
  • Recycling

The activities will be employed with an environmental perspective in mind and the personnel will be trained in relevant areas in order to achieve the project goals and objectives. Technical trainings will be the main planned activity but also exchange visits will be used as a forum for building the staffs capacities.

It is hoped that at the end of the project period, there will be a fully serviced and functional sewerage system in Rudky municipality and that the staff will be technically capable to address all the relevant issues and also the schools in the area will be well equipped and educated in the areas of waste sorting and recycling and general sustainable waste management.