Tshwaraganang Library Project

This is a one year project resulting from the cooperation between Växjö municipality and Tlokwe city council in the area of culture and leisure. The project itself is called “Tshwaraganang – library project; and the goal of the project is to raise the level of competence and awareness regarding library services including: marketing the library, outside stakeholders, how to address analphabetism, development of language(s), IT and information seeking, oral presentation and story-telling.

In general, the aim is to improve on the reading culture in Tlokwe council and increase the range of leisure activities and the specific areas targeted include: 

  • To deliver a comprehensive library service
  • To provide the latest published information and literature
  • Improve maintain and update the bibliographic database of libraries
  • Market the library to the community members.
  • Improve o the electronic presentation of the libraries.
  • Provide a comprehensive and up to date reference collection and handbooks that are related to school subjects and curricula.

The expected outcome to the project are that there will be increased literacy levels in Tlokwe city council and that most of the residents will have a better access to reading materials and leisure activities from the libraries.