Helsingborg and Probolinggo, Indonesia

Project: Sustainable bike lanes

This project aims to strengthen and enhance the cooperation between the cities, and serves to increase local democracy. The project will strengthen three of ICLD’s four cores of cooperation. To increase participation, strengthen equity and fair treatment of citizens and increase transparency, the cities have chosen a common focus – bicycles and cyclism.

Better options and opportunities for cyclists in Probolinggo is thought to be strong democratic tool, as bikes is an equal form of transport available to many regardless of economic status. The municipal organization also has a need of participatory design and to include citizens in mapping and planning future bikepaths. Probolinggo has also expressed an interest in creating a more efficient and resilient organization, which could serve to increase transparency. Focusing on a specific topic of sustainable development and urban planning is the best way to make use of Helsingborgs’ competences and expertise.

During this project the residents of Probolinggo will participate in mapping and planning an improving the grid of secure transport-ways and bicycle paths, and the municipal organization will gain the sufficient knowledge and tools needed to execute the plan activities and physical objectives.