Revamping Waste Management in Swakopmund through Recycling and Re-use

The objectives of the project are to recycle waste in a structured way, reduce the waste at the landfill and to create jobs for unemployed citizens.

This will be done in two ways:

  • Start recycling of household waste in the residential areas, where the households can separate the recyclable waste themselves. This will decrease the volume of waste dumped on the landfill.
  • Structure the separation of the recyclable waste on the landfill by supporting the local entrepreneurs to hire people permanently; giving those regular working hours, a fair salary and protective clothing.

The municipality will give the entrepreneurs storage space by the landfill which will give them the possibility to store the waste until the price is right. That will give the entrepreneurs a better economy which enables them to hire people. To be allowed to use the storage area, the entrepreneurs will have to fence the area which will decrease the problem with waste from the landfill spreading out into and polluting the desert.