REHAB 2 MRC (Municipal Rehabilitation Centre)

Based on the results and dedication that the current rehabilitation project (No. 2014-0021) delivered, we intend to further strengthen begun development with the further development of rehabilitation services Mwanga District can be offered to its citizens.

The four previous pilot units (health centres), which are already organized, and started to offer rehabilitation services within their area of responsibility will be further developed to the district’s four first coherent rehab-centre offering rehabilitation in a larger geographical area and with a wider range. An important step will be to organize and streamline activities that will include the patient’s family members / relatives in practical daily work in homes. This must be based on the development of these four-unifying including HC so that they can offer the opportunity for families to stay at or near the unit during start-up of the treatment.

The related parties bearing on the final rehab work in the home should not be underestimated when the entire health care suffers from high staff shortage, among other things because poor economic conditions. Based on this situation, it is of paramount importance to optimize available resources both human and financial. It has been the objective of the current project and can definitely be developed further with another project year.