Politician Project: Leadership, Coalitions & Voters

The overall objective (10-15 years) is to strengthen democracy and structures of good governance at local and regional level in the two regions (Kronoberg/southern Småland and Tlokwe). The long-term objective includes highly attractive political parties, competent party workers and good leaders with the skill to cooperate with other parties and communicate with the citizens/community.

In a changing political landscape, the parties upright hold their democratic position and develop methods for active participation by the voters. The political parties work out of different ideological platforms (goals, values, solutions) but always with the local citizens in absolute focus.

The project objective (within three years) implies the establishment of a new platform for cooperation between local and regional politicians in Kronoberg/southern Småland and Tlokwe.

The platform is built upon identification, exchanging of and learning from political best practices.