Political presence and involvement in regional development – exchange of experiences between Sarajevo and Östergötland

The project consists of two main events, i.e. two seminars that will be organized as an arena for exchange of experiences, one seminar in Sarajevo and one in Östergötland. The seminar will give the politicians in both countries a chance to exchange experiences about the political role in regional development, regional challenges, political development strategies, and best practice and regional showcases on regional/local cooperation. 

The main aim of the project is to contribute to increased awareness and knowledge about the political role and involvement in regional development processes, and increased knowledge on how regions can use regional strategies as tools for facing future challenges.

In a long term, the project will contribute to sustainable growth in the Sarajevo and Östergötland region. 

 Expected results: The project will result in recommendations on changes concerning working methods and organization, a report on identified key issues for increased political influence in the work with development policies, and an action plan for the future work in each organization.