PELIVAN – Power of Energy at Local level

Växjö municipality has earlier cooperated with the three Serbian municipalities Niš, Kula and Varvarin aiming for increasing the awareness of the need of a sustainable energy system and preparing the municipalities for approaching the EU. The municipalities developed strategic energy plans with visions and targets, and carried out technical visits and shared best practice.

The objective of this project is to increase the awareness further on energy management, strengthen the capacity to implement the measures in the energy plans and to improve the methods of communication around energy issues. 

Energy issues have a close relationship with the level of prosperity and potential of development. A lack of awareness, knowledge and experiences to transform the energy system is also relevant for Växjö. A number of awareness raising measures will therefore be carried out, methods of developing projects and cooperation will be improved and best practice will be studied. Given the long time horizons that is required for transformation of energy systems; broad political agreements are needed, something that is expected to increase the democratic development in the municipalities. This project will also demonstrate the benefits of inter-municipal partnership that later could be used as a role model within Serbia.