New Coordination Structure to support vulnerable families

This new project is based on the partnership between the City of Växjö and North West 405 Municipality (former Tlokwe City Council) and suggests three years of cooperation (2017-2019) with active participation from regional authorities, labour office, the police, NGOs/CBOs etc.

The project objective is to strengthen public capacity to provide support for family units with social problems by establishing a so-called Coordination Structure in Växjö and Potchefstroom/Ventersdorp.

The project objective indicates a status where the main public organizations and key-functions responsible for social welfare meet on a continuous basis to decide on and channel well-coordinated and efficient support to the target group in focus. The project objective also indicates that the socially most vulnerable families now take steps from poverty towards security, economic independence and social inclusion.

The new project and is based upon a mutual win-win partnership and includes eight international activities. Through the pilot-testing of the locally organized Coordination Structures, altogether 20+20 Swedish and South African socially poor families will be supported. The new model will be practically tested and evaluated and, finally, adopted as permanent tool for public support on the social field. The project will be implemented with great consideration of values connected to sustainability, gender equality and fundamental human rights.