Kibaha Water Project

This is a mutually beneficial partnership to both Gotland and Kibaha municipality which was initiated in the year 2000, as a technical cooperation in the area of strengthening working environment and water supply.

The goal of the project is to strengthen labour safety, water supply and waste water management for about 4000 people at Kibaha Education Centre, (KEC), Kibaha.

Substantial rehabilitation of KECs water distribution system is the objective and this will be achieved through different activities including:

  • Constructing and installing water pipelines, reservoirs and 2 distributing pump stations.
  • A system for water metering and charge of water is also included in the plan.
  • Inputs for maintenance and administration will also be improved to cater for sustainability.

It is also a hope that achieved results will be replicable in Kibaha town that has about 4000 residents. All activities are carried out in close cooperation, granting a substantial learning process for both parties. The parties’ expectations and overall objective is that Kibaha town will at the end of the project period, have a well functioning and sustainable water supply system and a strengthened work environment.