Gotland and Kibaha, Tanzania

Project: Gender Equity project

This project’s aims at reducing gender inequality in decision making bodies in Kibaha Education Center and Kibaha Town Council.

Through the problem analysis a high level of gender inequality was revealed. The definition of Decision-making bodies in this application is politicians and management at different levels from street leaders all the way up to full council. Some of the causes of this this problem consists of lack of awareness in Decision-making bodies on gender equality, lack och self-confidence among women, absence of gender-based budgeting at local level and ineffective implementation of gender mainstreaming policy at a local level.

The intermediate objectives of this project are: Decision-making bodies awareness and education on gender balance enhanced, self confidence among women boosted, gender education among men enhanced, policy on gender mainstreaming at local level effectively implemented, experts of gender education and gender mainstreaming produced, gender based budgeting at Kibaha Town Council enhanced.

Some of the indicators to capture these intermediate objectives are: number of gender awareness workshops conducted, percentage of women empowered for self-confidence (self assessment), the amount of budget allocated for gender activities at the municipal level. This project is planned to run for three years from 2019 until 2022.