International Team Finance

The partnership between Växjö municipality and Tlokwe city councils resulted to the project named “International Team Finance” that is a one year project with the goal of improving on local democracy and local administration. 

The key areas of implementation focuses on: the budgetary process – compilation and management, principles for municipal economy, revenue collection, debt and financial systems (IT), financial statements and asset register.

The aim is to share knowledge, experiences and lessons learnt between Växjö and Tlokwe City Council as well as to do a peer review of the approach to municipal budgetary and financial work which will result in a set of recommendations to improve the work at both municipalities.

The expected outcomes include but are not limited to:

  • A better understanding of the budgetary process as well as of the principles for municipal economy.
  • An examination on how to handle debts and deficits in the municipalities.
  • An exploration of anchoring the budget in the community.
  • A study of the financial systems and the assets registers used in both municipalities.