Lidingö and Quelimane, Mozambique

Project: Education project

Our common project idea is to work with sustainable development in the long run. Several of our interim goals, which should be achieved in the project, are also part of the UN’s goals in Agenda 2030.

Our joint work is supposed to be based on teaching about sustainable development in some of the schools in the participating municipalities. What the students learn at school, we hope they will bring home and practice together with their parents. We also think that schools should take increased responsibility for the environment around the schools (within a 100m radius around the school) where students will collect trash and recyclable materials on a regular basis.

These efforts and joint follow-ups will have a direct impact on the interest in learning about sustainable development and, consequently, effects on the environment and in Quelimans’ cases, also on health aspects for the local population.

The main purpose of the project is to increase the residents, teachers and pupils understanding about environment.