Education for all

Education for all is a three-year project, addressing school employees and municipality politicians in Mölndal, Sweden and Zugdidi, Georgia, in order to support them in developing of new methods and arenas for young people inclusion and participating in decision making processes.

The project’s overall goals are:

  • To bring up young people, who act as active and responsible citizens and feel fully included in and are self-confident about their worth as a citizen in their communities
  • To turn around the trend of exclusion of certain disadvantaged groups in our cities (based on different ethnic background, social and economic status etc.)
  • To develop a fully functioning infrastructure for young people to be included in decision making processes on all levels (political, in the community’s and in every day’s life)

The project’s task will therefore be to:

  • Develop methods and arenas that facilitate young people’s participating in the decision making processes on all levels
  • Equip young people and teachers with tools, in order to exercise children’s and students’ real influence on the preschools’ and schools’ decision making processes
  • Equip young people and politicians with tools, in order to keep a meaningful dialogue with each other
  • Create an inclusive atmosphere in our schools and preschools, in order to avoid exclusion now and in the future, and in order to make them to feel involved in shaping their ever day life