Defining Waste Management

The aims and goals in this project differ in according to the three focus areas. Because of the projects focus on the soft issues it can be difficult to determine the actual goal as this can shift during a process like this. The goals will therefore aim to the execution of the project.

Organisation of waste management: The project will supply the participants with a status report on the current organisation and at least two alternatives. Thereby also run through a simple SWOT-analysis on all.

Waste management plan: In the project the waste management plan will be segmented into different political issues which will be laid out for the politicians in the City of Entebbe. Furthermore a document describing the division between politics and administration will be discussed as a basis for the further workflow within the area of waste management.

Dumpsite at Nkumba: A work plan for the planning of the workflow for Nkumba dumpsite will be made. Thereby a basis document regarding possibilities for the alteration of Nkumba from dumpsite to landfill and environmental issue, in this issue.

Expected results: In this project expected results concur with the goals which are mentioned in the previous section. Both the City of Entebbe and KSRR will produce a report on the project and effectuate a web-site where the ideas’ and results of the project will be shown to a larger audience. Furthermore there is to be held two public conferences (one in the City of Entebbe and one in Kalmar) to get local knowledge to the co-operation between the City of Entebbe and KSRR and the results of the project.

On a long-term basis this project will result in a better handling of issues attached to waste management both in an dministrative as well as a working level. The project will also in the long run participate to improve the environment status and health issues on site in the City of Entebbe. It is also the idea that the project will bring together key-persons from the Universities in both Entebbe and Kalmar on continuous discussions regarding environment and health issues.