Bridging Nature, Heritage and Folkbildning

The project means a mentorship to guarantee the future for Historic Environment Education in the Cape Winelands with a National Centre and an office at the Worcester Museum.

The mentorship involves capacity building with the support to form the organisation Bridging Ages South Africa, handle the props and historical costumes, draw up strategies etc. It will mean a closer partnership with Kalmar County Museum to create a modern museum in Worcester with exhibits that are up to date, functioning archives and a working educational service.

The second part of the project is about uniting nature- and heritage education in the Nature Reserves in Cape Winelands and in the World Heritage on southern Öland.

Both in South Africa and Sweden there is a lot of knowledge about the natural and the cultural environment but the two sciences seldom meet. This project will give people the knowledge to document and read the landscape and understand the historical dimension in the landscape in order to make the natural and cultural environment more accessible. But it is also about realizing the threats against the environment, how people have solved that in the past and to bring these experiences into today’s debate about the environment. The purpose is to train and engage teachers/students and local people to take responsibility in their local environment and as the second step open the nature reserves and the world heritage to a new kind of tourism.