Ambulance Services

The Ambulance services in Buffalo City and Gävle were earlier involved in the project “Disaster management”. It was successful and it opened our eyes to issues in the ambulance organization in both South Africa and Sweden, but more importantly it showed how both countries could assist each other to develop the ambulance services.

The projects aim is to develop the ambulance service in both countries in order to serve the citizens better and meet the demands of today and by learning from each other both cities could be better equipped with skills and knowledge from the project to be able to save lives and prevent poverty in the society and also get better internal work environment.

The emergency care internationally is constantly developing and the technique and skills are moving forward and the ambulance services are an important part of that. The demands on the ambulance services around the world are increasing with every day and the services needs to keep on developing to meet those demands, regardless of where you serve.

The demands on the ambulance services have gone from transport organizations to highly developed prehospital emergency care units, almost small hospitals on wheels, during the last two decades. Another outcome of that development is the extended demands on the organizations and the internal working environment