Kibaha Cultural Information Project (KCIP) 2014-2016

The project will focus on finding a method for using music, dance and theater (also called story telling in Tanzania) for spreading information to school children and youth about important water, waste and environmental issues to improve the local awareness both in Gotland and in Kibaha.

Using cultural expressions when spreading important messages is well known in Tanzania and Gotland can learn a lot from this. The experience the School of Performing Arts in Region Gotland has with using music, dance and theatre when spreading information on different themes is also good in Gotland. But in this project it is a special type of information that needs a method in its concept.

Gotland has good examples to share with Kibaha. Information campaign through cultural expressions can give a very good support to the operative work the municipalities are doing in the water and waste areas. It will help the two parties to raise the local public awareness on issues like water, waste and environment. The project will focus on working in schools both in Kibaha and in Gotland. Teachers and local development officers will cooperate between the two municipalities how to develop a method which is applicable both in Kibaha and Gotland. This will also spread to the children’s families and others in the societies. There will be exchange activities in the school in Gotland and Kibaha.