Integrated Management Processes for ESD

The overall vision of this project is to enhance integrative approaches for ESD, i.e collaboration between important political and management levels where every level is of importance for having results in the area of ESD.

Of central importance is that representatives from the schools support the general purpose of the strategic project for ESD. The schools are in this partnership for a wider purpose than improving their own school. An added value of of their collaboration in this project, is that the schools can create an outstanding example of cross-cultural learning on ESD between schools in Umeå and Cau Giay District of Hanoi. This means that theses schools will take the opportunity to support and learn from each other, and to communicate this learning inwards to the schools and outwards to other schools in the cities and other setting.

The objective of this project is to:

  • enhance collaborative approaches on ESD between important political and management levels;
  • learn and communicate how ESD is planned, implemented and evaluated in other cultural, political, socio-economic settings.