Region Västerbotten and Homa Bay, Kenya

Governance in providing accessible, affordable, equitable and quality health care service to the citizens

The main objective is to establish structures and processes for a high-quality functional management, collaboration and coordination function/unit for equitable health care in Homa Bay County.

Regarding the Centre for Rural Medicine (CRM) which is a department within The County Council of Västerbotten (soon named Region Västerbotten) the organization is established as well functional research and development unit, however with room for improvements. In this project CRM will take the opportunity to assess its own organization in dialogue with Homa Bay County Government.

Intermediate objectives in this project are:

  • To establish an agreement for improvements of the ministry responsible for health services in Homa Bay County which are detailed in terms of organizational assessment, decisions on what to do for organisational development.
  • To establish a tailor-made training program for health care providers and managers responsible for health services.
  • To establish a communication strategy for the communication with citizens in Homa Bay County on available health care services.