Fire brigade 2012-13

Representatives from Mariental Municipality presented (in the prestudy and in the Partnership Project) in the Coordination Committee, practical problems with their Fire Department. Five years ago the Fire Department response was transferred from the Government to the Municipalities in Namibia. No economic resources were added. During the “Fire brigade Project 2009-2010”, education- and training programmes for the fire fighters was initiated as well as prevention work to reduce fires and accidents was trained and started.

In our discussions in the Coordination Committee we have found out that Staffanstorps Municipality can support with experience and knowledge in the following ways:

  • All the firemen, present and new ones, need more education, training and practice. A good training- and education programme has to continue to develop.
  • Mariental Municipality has also big needs to introduce and develop the prevention work inventing to reduce fires and accidents. This is important for all the citizens in the Municipality.
  • The Municipality has received a new modern Fire truck from the Namibian Government. It will take a long time to get education and training from the Government. This would really erase the quality for the Fire Brigade in Mariental Municipality. The staff from the Fire Brigade in Staffanstorp has the knowledge to educate in managing and use the new vehicle.