Dorotea kommun, Livingstone, Zambia and City of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Project regarding Youth Inclusion

The problem to address as stated Livingstone is Limited capacity to include youths in decision making processes. Victoria Falls define the problem Low involvement of youth in community issues. In Dorotea the young population has low trust in politicians; approximately 30% of our young people aged 13-16 state that they trust politicians, and about 50% have trust in adults in general. They also have low youth participation in politics (18-25 years), but a newly started youth council needs more participants and a better structure to effectively influence politics and raise their important issues.

Even though the partners have very different conditions – Livigstone and Victoria falls being municipalities with a young and increasing population, as opposed to Dorotea as a rural municipality with currently decreasing population, the partners believe that they have a lot to exchange to promote greater youth influence in their municipalities.

The partnership is part of ICLD Human rights youth network