Dialogue and cooperation-towards a democratic sustainable and environmental friendly local development

The overall objective of the project is to create a democratic local society in Wuhan and that the municipality is working in a structured way to ensure a sustainable environment in the City of Wuhan.

The cooperation between Wuhan and Borlänge also strives to contribute to a positive democratic development, through increased understanding of dialogue and interaction, and increased knowledge of available and future environmental technologies and improved working methods to promote a better environment.

The expected results of this project are:

  • staff in the two co-operating municipalities have learned methods and acquired tools to collaborate between different entities and other actors
  • Borlänge and Wuhan have started a cooperation within a specific environmental area such as solar energy research or waste management
  • all participants in the project have received training in environmental technology
  • companies and organizations in Borlänge and Wuhan have been given opportunities to find each other – work together and interact for green development
  • that we, through our cooperation and interaction contributes to greater understanding of the value of democratic processes and how it leads to greater added value in municipal development.