Development of HIV/Aids preventive intervention part 2

This is a two year project resulting from previously established cooperation between Vänersborgs and Omaruru municipalities. The project is in the field of social issues and is specifically aimed at addressing HIV and AIDs related issues. The project aims at creating a comprehensive strategy for local preventive work, creating support groups and developing educational programmes that can be used for preventive work.

Different trainings and educational activities will be carried out with the objectives of training the personnel on crisis management, communication etc that will further improve on the preventive work. A social support system is also hoped to be developed with the hope of providing support for the people living with HIV or AIDS or for those who are affected in one way or another.

In general, the project is aimed at establishing a social support system for people living with HIV and or AIDS and also for preventive measures for residents in Omaruru and improving the skills of the staff to deal with HIV/AIDs related issues in the area. Vänersborgs municipality is also hoped to benefit from the educational program that will be developed for the purpose of sexuality education in schools.