Develop Local Democracy by Creating Public Engagement and Involvement in Community and Civil Society Development

The overall objective is that citizens are taking active part in the decision making process and their engagement/participation contributes to a more local democratic society – a more democratic local society and good governance.

The citizens will learn how to participate in self-government work and influence on decisions. They’ll gain experience of identification of their (community) priorities, municipality development planning and then resolve the problems locally in community agreement.

In the long term increase of civil society and cooperation of various political parties will serve the main objective: create better environment to the citizens. More citizens could feel respect and responsible for Municipality development because of their involvement in the decision making process

The project objectives are:

  • Young people in Poti, age 18-25 are participating in the municipal decision making process within 3 years time.
  • Self governing city of Poti Sakrebulo have active democratic dialogues together with NGO:s in the municipal decision making process within 3 years time.
  • The municipal decision making process in Poti is democratic and transparent according to the self governing system in Georgia within 3 years time