Democracy through Theatre

The project Democracy Through Theatre (henceforth referred to as DTT) levels at a reciprocal exchange of experiences, a competence progress and a deepened knowledge about human rights, democracy and equality.

The DTT project will develop forms and methods to strengthen local democracy through initiation and reinforcement of democratic processes for teachers, principals, educationalists, youth at the Rajko Zinzifov – Albanian-Macedonian language school in the municipality of Cair, with the positive example of the youth delegation in Botkyrka.

The DTT project has chosen theatre as its effective method of working. To reach the desired results, the project collaborates with a group of educationalists specialised in theatre at the Children’s Theatre Centre in Cair and with educationalists at the department of culture at the municipality of Botkyrka.

The DTT is a one-year project (2010-2011) and involves extensive travelling for the participants for field trips and in order to attend seminars and workshops.

The purpose of the DTT project is to:

  • create an equivalent in Cair to the youth delegation in Botkyrka
  • broaden and deepen the knowledge about democracy and equality
  • create long-lasting relationships between the participating parties
  • create a digital forum for youth questions.