An efficient and expedient fire emergency service in the future

The fire department in Östhammar and Poti apply for a partnership project in which they train the staff in Poti to manage a fire truck and its equipment.

The project starts with mapping the training-needs of the Poti fire brigade. Thereafter a pilot group from Poti will be trained in Östhammar. After returning to Poti they will train their colleagues. The fire brigade of Poti has four fire trucks manufactured in the former Soviet Union in the 70s. Three of them are not working, and the fourth can only be used temporarily.

The fire brigade in Poti consists of 51 persons who have the responsibility to extinct fire in house, apartments and other buildings. They also serve as a rescue and fire extinction team when a car accident happens. The aim of the project is that Poti fire and rescue service will work as an efficient and expedient organisation. Beside this project, Östhammar municipality will donate a fire truck to Poti municipality.

Expected short-term results:

  • All 51 persons in the fire brigade in Poti have been trained in management of the fire truck; its equipment and maintenance.
  • All 51 persons in the fire brigade in Poti have been trained in new fire-extinction techniques.

Expected long-term results:

  • The fire brigade of Poti is efficient and manages its fire emergency services in an expedient way. This leads to less costs for fire damages and hence more resources to distribute to other important areas of society.