Älmhult, Växjö and JB Marks, South Africa

Project: Partnership to fight gender-based violence

Forthcoming project application pertains to the current partnership between Municipality of Älmhult and City of Växjö and JB Marks Local Municipality. The proposal stretches over three years (2023-2025) and consists of 15 activities in total. This involves a wide group of stakeholders, such as multiple municipal departments, regional organisations and parts of the judicial system.

The project intends to establish an effective and municipality-specific collaboration form for support regarding gender-based violence. The collaboration form, which includes both internal and external stakeholders, intends to strengthen the multi-disciplinary work in the area. Thus, municipal organisations can minimise the number of contacts for the survivor, whilst simultaneously provide holistic support for women, but also children. The process consists of establishment, pilot-tests, evaluation and adoption of a collaboration form which accounts for improved competence and resource distribution based on the survivor’s needs.

The project’s results and successes will by 2025 relate to three different levels: (a) municipal/provincial level: strengthened capacity and knowledge regarding treatment of survivors of gender-based violence; (b) individual level: survivors are able to create sustainable alternatives to their circumstances through integrated support; and (c) societal level: strengthened democracy and social inclusion as signs of insecurity, health issues and poverty are reduced.