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The main objective of the ICLD Alumni Talks is to facilitate continuous structured learning, knowledge-sharing and exchange of practical experience among teams and individuals in ICLD’s programmes across the world.

The aim of the talks is to create a constructive dialogue and exchange of experiences among former participants – the ICLD Alumni (Read more about ICLD alumni on our Alumni page)

ICLD want to maintains and enhances a highly engaged, vibrant community of our alumni and friends worldwide. We hope that the ICLD Alumni talks will contribute to this. Welcome to join!

Upcoming talks:

20 June 2024 – Climate adaption at the local level in the wake of recent floods in East Africa 

Time: 15.00-16.00 EAT  (14.00 CEST)

Join us for an important panel discussion on climate adaptation in the wake of the recent floods in Eastern Africa. The panel features insights from Kenya, Uganda and Indonesia by ICLD Alumni and well-renowned scholars in the field of climate change and government responses.

Explore how local governments are uniquely positioned to implement tailored climate action plans in response to climate disasters. Learn about innovative strategies that respect local capacities, resources, and human rights, ensuring community-specific solutions to combat the impacts of climate change.

The seminar will feature case studies, discussion and Q&A with the audience.

About the panelists:

Erick Kyalo Matata

Eric is an Urban and Regional Planner working with Kiambu county and doubles as the head of Environmental and Social Safeguard in the world bank funded Kenya Urban Support Program ensuring minimal social and economic displacements during implementation, and training environmentalists and social safeguards officers and all contractors on implementation and adherence of environmental social management plans. Eric is an ICLD Alumni who attended the ITP Inclusive political leadership course (IPL) whose change project dealt on solid waste management targeting the largest dumpsite in Kiambu county called Kangoki dumpsite located in Thika town. He also attended Cities of values train.

Kumboooyo Rogers

Kubwooyo Rogers is based in Jinja, city in Uganda and currently the City Commercial Officer for Jinja City. A proud ICLD Alumni, Rogers attended the ITP programs on municipal financing supporting Local Development and Local Democracy and also participated in the diploma course organised by Lund University in collaboration with Swedish Institute and ICLD alumni on Human Rights and Gender Equality in Climate Disaster Displacement. Rogers has accumulated wealth of experience working in Local government spanning over 17years.

Dr. Ronald Ndesanjo

Lecturer at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  Ronald is a human ecologist by training and Environmental Impact Assessment expert with vast experience in livelihoods and environmental and natural resource management. Dr. Ndesanjo’s expertise include climate change vulnerability, adaptation and mitigation; social and ecological systems’ resilience; environment, livelihoods and development, and class and natural resource tenure.

Dr Yogi Setya Permana

Yogi Setya Permana is a Ph.D. researcher affiliated with the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV) at Universiteit Leiden, where he focuses on climate governance in Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. His research specifically delves into the political economy of flood management in Indonesian cities. Additionally, he serves as a researcher at the Research Center for Politics within the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). His scholarly works have been featured in reputable publications such as the Journal of Contemporary Southeast Asia, Journal of Southeast Asia Studies, Journal of Religion, State and Society, Pacific Affairs, Springer Nature, New Mandala, East Asia Forum, and Inside Indonesia.


John Gitonga

Previous talks:

14 March 2024

6 December 2023

8 December 2022:

The discussions will highlight and provide insights into challenges and opportunities available for Local Governments to link with researchers in urban development.

20 October 2022: Localising the Global Goals in Africa 

Mainstreaming Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs, in local authority plans in Africa and introduction to ICLD’s work with Voluntary Local Reviews, VLR. 

This talk cover a brief overview and discussions on the status of Sustainable Development Goals mainstreaming in local authority plans in Africa by showcasing two examples: Mufulira municipal council in Zambia and Kiambu County government in Kenya. The talk will conclude with an ICLD led introduction to the concept of Voluntary Local Reviews.