Round table meeting of researchers Malmö, Sweden 12 – 13 December 2016

The roundtable meeting will be held in Malmö, Sweden on Monday the 12th and Tuesday the 13th of December and we welcome participation of researchers that are interested in and have experience of studying local government in Sweden and in Russia.

This is an invitation for you to send us a brief motivation on why you would want to participate in such a meeting, quoting your main areas of interest and the fields that you are interested in pursuing.

The International Centre for Local Democracy, ICLD, has received funding from Sida to strengthen contacts between Swedish and Russian municipalities and regions.

The objective of the programme is to strengthen the local level in Russia and in Sweden through the establishment of new forms for dynamic cooperation in project form between Russian and Swedish municipalities and regions/counties. The intensive cooperation projects shall focus on one of the themes environment/energy/sustainability or the inclusion of persons with functional variations in society.

Target group for the programme are Russian and Swedish civil servants who will increase their competence and their capacity through the concrete cooperation projects. Through these an increased equitable and transparent local government will be enabled with increased participation of citizens.

ICLD has also received funding to enable studies to be conducted on the areas of specific concern to the cooperation programme:
-Local government function and development
-Environment/Energy/Sustainability – The role of local government
-Inclusion of citizens with variations in ability in work and study – The role of local government

As with all work that ICLD does and supports, there are also the overarching interest in how local government supports increased equality.

We specifically want to support research and studies conducted in partnerships between Swedish and Russian researchers.
All costs for invited researchers in relation to the roundtable meeting will be carried by the ICLD: Visa costs, travel costs and full accommodation and board.

Please print out and fill in the attached note of interest and send an email to Ms Olga Shadura, with the completed note as an attachement.

We look forward to receiving your note of interest at the latest by Monday October 31st 2016

Note for download