Piteå and An Giang, Vietnam

Project: Implementation of Action Plan for a sustainable An Giang province

Piteå Municipality and An Giang Province has been cooperating since 2011 when we carried out an inception phase which led to “Piteå An Giang- sustainable municipalities (Dnr. 2011-0110 + 2011) and “Action plan for utilizing rice waste” (Dnr.2014-0065+0063). The cooperation between the two communities has proved to be successful and the provincial peoples committee of An Giang has approved the action plan that has been completed during the existing project. A mutual trust and knowledge has been built up between the two partners due to essentially, that during the past two project periods, the same people has been involved in both partners.

Lack of capacity on organisational level in implementing of action plan and monitoring and reviewing the strategy plan is identified as the main problem. The consequences is that the action plan cannot be implemented as expected, cannot achieve all the objectives in the strategy plan, only few farmers can gain from the project, cannot achieve the goals of environment, human right, local democracy and special efforts to support women to develop business from rice waste will not succeed.

The project objective is that adequate capacity on implementing of action plan, monitoring, and reviewing the strategy plan will be achieved directly through the support and activities conducted within the project.

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