Call for research proposal: After-Lab Grants

Did you take part in a Local Democracy Lab and have more to say? Apply for an after-lab grant to support the local government with your expertise! 

This is a continuous call with rolling application and granting.


To bridge the gap between research and practice, ICLD offers Local Democracy Labs for local governments who want input from prominent researchers on a given policy dilemma. Seeing the need and willingness to further understand the problem and provide more elaborate recommendations, following the Lab, ICLD now offers the opportunity to dive deeper into the question and apply for after-lab grants to provide the local government with targeted policy recommendations.

Tips: read this blog post by ICLD’s research director.


To deepen the local government’s understanding of the given policy dilemma and inspire to evidence-based policymaking by providing well-founded and relevant suggestions/recommendations. Additionally, it serves to build and improve relations between governing institutions and academic experts.


Develop a relevant and concrete policy brief to outline solutions, suggestions, innovative methods or recommendations to the local government(s) on the problem discussed in the Local Democracy Lab, within 6 months. The policy brief should be grounded in the academic literature in the field, including a comprehensive literature review of previous studies and being relevant to a wider audience of local governments. The call is open to all researchers who have taken part in a Lab and want to continue working with the participating local government, with the Lab discussion as point of departure.


Researchers should submit a policy brief describing the problem and outline a solution, suggestions, or concrete recommendations. It should be based on research and hold an academic standard, but be highly practical and target civil servants and decision-makers rather than scholars. See the ICLD guidelines for policy briefs.


Up to 6 months.


This is a grant of up to 70.000 SEK including VAT. The proposed budget shall specify personnel, operational and overhead costs, with an overhead of maximum 15%. 


Researchers who have been part of Local Democracy Labs are eligible to apply. The research team should submit a research proposal using ICLD’s system SBS Manager.

The portal requires an account to be made by the main applicant. The account and portal will also be used for contract writing, reporting and other administration around the grant. Make sure to start the application procedure well in advance of the deadline, to leave room for any unclarities and need for support.

Please use the following template: Research Proposal Template

Applications must be submitted within 3 months after the Local Democracy Lab.

Note: There is also a possibility to apply for a Living Lab Grant allowing longer and deeper engagements.


Clara Orstadius, Research Officer, +46 (0)70-984 07 05